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Opalescent Metallic Star Cutouts (12/Pkg) Metallic Star Cutouts

Opalescent Metallic Star Cutouts (12/Pkg)

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Red Metallic Star Stringer Star Stringer

Red Metallic Star Stringer

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Canary Yellow Tissue Flutter Ball, 9 Inches Tissue Flutter Ball

One (1) Per Package

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Orange Tissue Flutter Ball, 9 Inches Tissue Flutter Ball

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What is a redneck party? Well, if we have to explain it, you probably wouldn't get it anyway. A redneck party theme is just another excuse to get together to party and buy more camouflage party supplies! A redneck or camo theme party can be used for a small get-together or an entire weekend bash. Just throw together anything that you think is representative of the fun-loving redneck party theme and have a blast out on your front porch! If you are looking for some redneck party ideas all we can say is the tackier the better when it comes to these redneck party supplies. Combine camouflage patterns for a complete hunting party theme. Perhaps you may even want to mix in some 1980's decorations to create a hodgepodge of colors and patterns that will be dazzling on the eyes. Basically, throw anything you want together and you are well on your way to having a great looking redneck party! Even use these products to decorate for your very own redneck wedding! You wont be the first and you certainly wont be the last to do so! Next time youre in need of some redneck party decorations make sure you party with us right here at!

Redneck Theme Party Decorating Ideas

If you're not a redneck but planning a party for someone that is proud to be a redneck from the boonies, we can help with some redneck party ideas! Start off by sending out our Redneck Invitations to invite everyone you want to the party. Then, make sure everyone knows what house is yours upon arrival to the event with our redneck party sign. BBQ and picnics are great outdoor redneck or white trash party ideas and we have a good selection of camouflage party supplies and banners to string around your porch or from the tables. We have a variety of camo party decorations to choose from that are perfect at a BBQ and picnic.

Another addition to your table youre serving food on would be our Beer Bites bowl and use our camouflage flag pick for the finger foods. And dont forget about the ever popular redneck weddings! Fill your reception area with these wonderful redneck party supplies! Whether your guests are fellow rednecks or not, pass out camouflage bandanas for everyone to wear to get into the redneck spirit!Redneck Party Supplies

Redneck Wedding Sign (pictured right) is the perfect accessory to a redneck wedding. Hey, its saying exactly what is on his/her/their mind(s)! Its made from white cardstock and the design is simple, yet eloquent! It measures 10.5 inches by 12 inches and comes one per package. Once again, its the perfect redneck wedding accessory!

Make sure to browse through all of our redneck party decorations and camouflage decorations and supplies to get everything you want at your redneck party. For all of your redneck party supply needs, party with us right here at!