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March 13 to April 2: March Madness

March Madness time, baby!

This time of year is the best in college basketball, because everything is on the line and famous broadcaster Dick Vitale is in top form!

It all starts on March 13, Selection Sunday is March 11th this year. The committee reveals what 68 teams are in the Big Dance and in which region each team is competing. Make sure you make a bracket and compete against your friends! This is a very popular time of year for sports and gambling enthusiasts alike!

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In terms of odds of the event occurring, which is least likely to happen?

  1. Being hit by a meteor
  2. Going to the emergency room for a pogo stick related injury
  3. Getting a perfect NCAA March Madness bracket
  4. Getting a royal flush in a first hand of poker
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The college basketball season is a lot of fun to watch. The conference tournaments are even more fun to watch, but even that pales in comparison to the excitement and frenzy of March Madness. The players and coaches know that it all comes down to this, especially for those with title hopes. One loss and it’s all over. For those of you who make a bracket, and possibly put some money down on it, you could be stressing just as much as the teams actually competing on the court!

. Wow!

The first round—after the play-in games—features 32 games across two days! It’s action-packed and full of college basketball, which is a dream for many! You’ll likely be at work when the games are going, so if you couldn’t get off for the games, there will be sites offering radio streams of almost all the games! Hey! Don’t contribute to the roughly $1.9B mentioned above! Listen to the game while at work, and then once you get home, watch as much as you want!

Once we get through the opening weekend, we get into the trenches of the tournament, where it’s time to get your friends together! Talk some trash, enjoy some food and beverages, and of course, enjoy some college basketball. Here are some common March Madness terms you should familiarize yourself with if you’ve never watched it before.

  • Sweet 16: Refers to the final 16 teams in the tournament.
  • Elite 8: Refers to the final eight teams in the tournament.
  • Final Four: Refers to the final four teams in the tournament.

For all things March Madness, visit the official NCAA March Madness Page

The teams are putting it all out on the court and you should put your all into planning an awesome March Madness viewing party! Check out our basketball party decorations and NCAA party supplies right here at Dj-Party!

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Getting a perfect NCAA March Madness bracket