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60's Hippie Party Supplies & Decorations

Throw your own 60's Hippie theme party with Dj-Party's party supplies and decorations.

Tie-Dyed Bandana Tie-Dyed Bandana

Tie-Dyed Bandana

Retail Price: $2.79
Our Price: $2.23
You save $0.56!

Showers of Flowers Cascade Centerpiece Showers of Flowers Cascade Centerpiece

Showers of Flowers Cascade Centerpiece

Retail Price: $4.50
Our Price: $3.60
You save $0.90!

Rainbow Indoor/Outdoor Pennant Banner, 12 ft Rainbow Indoor/Outdoor Pennant Banner, 12 ft

Rainbow Indoor/Outdoor Pennant Banner, 12 ft

Retail Price: $3.59
Our Price: $2.87
You save $0.72!

Happy Birthday Beads-Of-Expression Happy Birthday Beads-Of-Expression

Four (4) beaded necklaces per package. Sold in assorted colors.

Retail Price: $5.99
Factory Direct Price: $1.17
You save $4.82!
Relive the peace loving days of the 60's with our collection of Hippie accessories and decorations!

Peace Sign Decorations & Hippie Party Ideas

60's Hippie Party SuppliesEveryone wants peace, so why not decorate your party with lots of peace sign decorations? There are a lot of different ways to show peace, but the most popular peace sign was developed in 1958 as a symbol to show support for nuclear disarmament. This inverted V with a line through it can be seen in popular culture from art and music. When combined with rainbow colors it is the most universally recognized symbol for peace. Hang some peace decorations above the heads of your guests with colorful decorations like the Peace Whirls and the Peace Sign Banner. We even have a matching Peace Sign Centerpiece that combines the symbol with tie-died colors. Use peace sign decorations like the Tie-Dyed Peace Sign Party Tape anywhere, including outdoors, as it is made of a durable poly material that won't run or fade. We even have peace decorations you can wear like the Peace Sign Suspenders and the Peace Beads which make for great party favors. Grab a packet of 60's Party Buttons that include a peace button and four other buttons that you can give out to others to share the love.

60's Retro Party Decoration Ideas

One of the most popular retro icons is the Lava Lamp. We have official Lava Lamp decorations to use in combination with the peace decorations to make a really groovy vibe at your pad. There are even Lava Lamp Dessert Plates and Lava Lamp Lunch Napkins to serve your guests munchies on. 60's retro flowers are also a very popular 60's theme icon. Technically, the term 'retro' is used to describe anything that is old and culturally outdated, but it appears to be very much linked to the 60's with decorations like the retro flowers. The term "Flower Power" came to symbolize non-violent protests and hippies put flowers on just about anything from clothing, to headbands, and some even painted their cars with flowers. We have Retro Flower Cutouts and Retro Flower Hippie Centerpieces that will brighten up your 60's party decorating. 60's theme parties are great for a birthday theme, a retirement party, or even if you want to have a unique prom theme different from everyone else. Whatever the reason for you to throw a 60's theme party, we are sure to have lots of 60's party decorations and tie dye decorations that are sure to make you smile! Browse our full collection so that you will have everything you need!

Throw a hippie party for someone who grew up in that era or for someone younger who loves the look and the music of that time. Mellow out dude with hippie Peace Beads and Tie-Dyed Bandannas. Check out all of our Tie-Dyed Party Decorations. The peace symbol is an icon that will forever be linked with the 60's. Used as a peaceful form of protest, the peace symbol is instantly recognized around the world. Combine some peace symbol decorations with other groovy decorations like the Mini Retro Flower Cutouts to create a peaceful setting at your 60's theme party.